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Introduction of steel plate pretreatment line


The steel plate pretreatment line is the shot blasting cleaning process of the shot blasting machine we often say. It is suitable for the pretreatment of various steel plates, plates, and profiles. It can improve the strength of the plate, remove rust, increase the roughness of the plate metal, and promote the primer and metal A steel plate pretreatment process for the conformity of the surface.
Introduction to the characteristics of steel plate pretreatment line:
  1. Plates shot blasted by the steel plate pretreatment line can improve the strength and corrosion resistance of the products made by the plates, and have strong fatigue resistance, which improves the service life of the products made from the plates.
  2. The roller conveyor continuously feeds the steel plate into the shot blasting room. The time for transferring shot blasting can be set, and the speed of shot blasting can be controlled. The number of shot blasting devices is the main factor that determines the pretreatment time of shot blasting.
  3. The dense, high-speed steel shot thrown by the shot blaster hits the steel plate, and the impact force is generated to remove rust and other impurities.
  4. Such a sheet shot blasting machine is reliable, economical, practical, and environmentally friendly, and can ensure the surface quality of the metal after shot blasting of steel plates and profiles.
  5. It greatly improves the work efficiency of the plate factory, and reduces the extra cost and expenditure in the production, and it saves trouble, effort and time.