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The process of cleaning spring steel by shot blasting machin


The spring steel surface treatment equipment uses the friction of the projectile to clean the surface of the spring steel. The conveyor roller transports the workpiece to the cleaning room. The shot blasting device is installed in different directions of the cleaning room. The projectile is shot out by the shot blasting device. Yes, the cleaning time can be set by yourself, and the cleaned workpieces are transported out through the roller conveyor. The whole process only takes 5-6min, and the degree of automation is high. Only a small amount of manual labor can complete the shot blasting cleaning work, without frequent operation of the shot blasting machine.
  Most of the castings must undergo surface treatment before use, including cleaning the surface oxide scale and increasing the internal comprehensive performance. After the treatment of spring steel surface treatment equipment, the maximum benefit of the workpiece can be brought into full play.
   Spring steel surface treatment equipment plays an important role in changing the mechanical properties, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance of materials.
   1. Improve the anti-corrosion effect of spring steel under severe corrosion conditions;
   2. make the parts have a high temperature resistant shot blasting machine wear resistance under high temperature conditions.