The importance of shot blasting turbine spare parts

29 / Nov . 2021

As we all know, the core of the shot blasting machine is the shot blasting turbine. The quality of the shot blasting turbine determines the quality of the shot blasting machine. Therefore, the quality of the shot blasting turbine spare parts is an important privacy of the shot blasting machine.


Good shot blasting turbine spare parts can basically not damage the metal parts, the dimensional accuracy will not change, and the surface of the parts will not be contaminated, the abrasive will not chemically react with the material of the parts, and it is convenient to use. For example, it is easy to handle grooves and difficult-to-contact positions. A variety of abrasives can be selected for use. Low energy consumption, low cost, and greatly reduced costs. This is mainly reflected in the improvement of work efficiency, which can meet various requirements. Various surface finishing requirements. So the shot blasting machine parts are very important, and the quality comes first!


After continuous development, improvement and improvement, the shot blasting accessories produced by Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. have been favored in the shot blasting machine industry. Every production order of the company is produced under the premise of quality first and after-sales first. The company adopts the management policy of strictly controlling product quality and one-stop product after-sales service, and has won praise from many customers over the years.