Four maintenance points of shot blasting machine

21 / Dec . 2021

Four maintenance points of shot blasting machine:

1; Regular lubrication: The lubricating oil of the electric actuator motor and transmission of the shot blasting machine is required to lubricate the components, and the viscosity of the lubricating oil is changed. Shot blasting machine almost all steel castings, gray castings, malleable steel parts, ductile iron parts, etc. must be shot blasted. This is not only to remove the oxide scale and sticky sand on the surface of the casting, but also an indispensable preparatory process before the quality inspection of the casting. For example, the casing of a large gas turbine must be subjected to strict shot blasting before the non-destructive inspection to ensure the inspection result. reliability.

2. Improve the working environment of the enterprise: In order to ensure the reliability of the electric executive management organization of the shot blasting machine, it must be ensured that it runs in a suitable operation and development environment to prevent students from analyzing other environmental factors such as wet social environment and causing line short circuits or other failures. .

3. Regular inspection: Regular inspection to detect accidental operation, at least as a factor of troubleshooting, it is helpful to avoid detours.

4. Do a good job in the management of the failure account: for each failure handled, a detailed information record should be made, including system failure phenomena, failure data analysis and search process, main reasons for failure, processing methods, preventive control measures, etc. This not only provides a reference enterprise value for future research on similar problems, but also improves students' ability to find fault-influencing factors through the network fault curve, achieving a multiplier effect with half the effort.