Features and advantages of mesh belt shot blasting machine

04 / Jan . 2022

Stainless steel mesh belt shot blasting machine, also known as stainless steel mesh belt shot blasting machine, is mainly used to clean and clean automobile wheels, including the ability to deoxidize, remove stains, and adjust wheel roughness. Features and advantages include these:

1. The stainless steel mesh belt shot blasting sand rust remover is a manually enclosed model, which not only has the advantages of trendy design and scientific and reasonable structure, but also has the advantages of improving work efficiency and good processing effects in actual use. Features.

2. In the design of this machine, a dual-channel filter design is used for the parts in the machine, which can not only prevent the machine from clogging by debris during the entire work, but also effectively improve the smoothness of the sandblasting operation. .

3. The machine is also designed with an independent large bag dust removal system, which allows the machine to have the advantages of strong dust collection and high visibility in the machine in the overall use, and it can be directly used with an independent dust collection box. It is used by many consumer customers. Favorite.

4. The overall capacity of the working cabin of the stainless steel mesh belt shot blasting and sanding cleaning machine is relatively large. In addition, the design of opening the left and right side doors makes it more convenient to access the workpiece during use, and it can also save some savings. The purpose of the operating space.