Indonesian customers come to inspect the equipment

07 / Jan . 2022

Today, the production and commissioning of the Q6922 series roller shot blasting machine customized by the Indonesian customer has been completed, and it has been packaged and is about to be shipped. The Indonesian customer has entrusted professional inspection personnel in Qingdao to inspect and accept the equipment. The equipment acceptance has proceeded smoothly. The staff said that the shot blasting machine produced by our Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is of very good quality and meets the requirements of customers in all aspects. The equipment is also carefully packaged.


It is understood that this roller-type shot blasting machine customized by Indonesian customers is mainly used to clean the outer wall of steel pipes. The roller-type shot blasting machine can clean steel pipes, steel plates, flat steels, steel plates and various structural parts at one time. . The roller table shot blasting machine can not only remove the rust on the surface of the workpiece, clean up the welding slag on the structural parts, but also eliminate the welding stress of the workpiece, improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece, and increase the paint film adhesion of the workpiece during painting, and finally To achieve the purpose of improving the surface and internal quality.


Some dust on the surface of the roller shot blasting machine and some remaining things can be treated. The steel pipe shot blasting machine has a very high efficiency in the actual application process, and it is currently in some practical applications. In addition to rust removal, the steel pipe shot blasting machine can also be treated with anti-corrosion, so it is very good.