Precautions for daily maintenance of hook shot blasting machine

11 / Jan . 2022

The hook type shot blasting machine is suitable for surface cleaning or strengthening of multi-variety, medium and small batch castings and forgings and riveted and welded parts, especially for the surface cleaning or strengthening of slender and thin-walled parts that are afraid of collision. We all know that in order to maintain long-term stable operation of equipment, daily maintenance and maintenance work is the top priority.

Things that the hook shot blasting machine needs to do in daily maintenance:

1. Turn on the hook type shot blasting machine, connect the compressed air to the air storage tank, turn on the control power supply and the ash discharge device before starting the hook type shot blasting machine. If there are other equipment in the system, pay attention to start the downstream equipment first. ;

2. During normal work, the relevant operators should be very familiar with the performance and operating conditions of the equipment, and master the conventional methods of adjustment and maintenance, and also pay attention to the fact that the ash discharge device cannot stop working to avoid the accumulation of dust inside. equipment stops working;

3. Regular inspection is very important. It is necessary to regularly measure the relevant parameters of the product, such as flue gas volume, temperature, concentration, etc., and regularly check the working condition of the pressure switch. oil change;

4. When the equipment is shut down, keep the exhaust fan working for a period of time after the system is stopped, and also clean the dust. Do not cut off the air source when the equipment is shut down, and make sure that the lift valve is in the open state.